During an individual session with Angie, you will:

– Uncover the unconscious ways that you mismanage your emotions and misdirect your thoughts and expectations that drain your energy and leave you unfulfilled.

–  Be reconnected with your internal compass in order to make life decisions that support your joy and fulfillment

–  Learn your unique blueprint for vitality:  Everyone has a unique genius, but few people take the time to discover what makes them thrive.

Steps for individual sessions:
Step 1:  Paid Initial Consultation

This provides both Angie and the potential client an opportunity to explore client needs and personal goals.  This may result in working together, or the client being referred to other resources (books, courses or other professionals).

Step 2:  Six Momentum Sessions

– The process begins with a commitment to 6 sessions scheduled weekly, biweekly or monthly (payment is made per session).

– Each session is 60 minutes long.

– The client brings a current challenge (either a problem to be solved or a goal to be achieved) as the topic of the session.

– Together Angie and the client explore the specific situation to uncover unconscious patterns, release emotional blocks and create new mental strategies.

– New realizations and emerging strategies are acknowledged and recorded in an email that is then sent to the client immediately following the session.

Step 3: Conclusion

At the conclusion of 6 sessions, both Angie and the client assess progress made and present needs.

Sessions are available in person at our Toronto location, or on-line via Skype.
Call to book an appointment: (905) 699-7018.

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